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Nutritious food helps prevent avitaminoses

Which is

Avitaminosis is a disease generated by vitamin deficiency. It is classified according to the missing vitamin, although sometimes it has its own name.

Examples of Avitaminoses

For example, vitamin A deficiency causes xerophthalmia (dry eyes); lack of vitamin B1 causes beriberi (trembling); pellagra (stiffness and peeling of the skin), is a lack of vitamin B3; pernicious anemia (resistant to iron treatment) occurs due to lack of vitamin B12; scurvy, for lack of vitamin C; Infant rickets and osteomalacia in adults are diseases generated by vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin deficiency can occur due to lack of ingestion, malabsorption of the intestine, metabolic misuse, etc.

Vitamin deficiency usually comes from lack of resources caused by misery (lack of resources for food), inadequate diets, lack of fresh food (such as scurvy from sailors who did not eat fruit or vegetables).

In the case of intestinal malabsorption, it can be localized (as in cases where there is a selective deficit in the terminal ilium) or generalized (as in the case of ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, alcoholism, intestinal malabsorption in the elderly, chronic gastritis and intestinal neoplasms).

Metabolic misuse can occur due to drug side effects, the typical increase in demand during pregnancy, breastfeeding, or puberty.