Bacteria Filos

Bacteria Filos

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Bacteria: classification in several phyla

Bacteria Filos:

- Acidobacteria Phylum

- Actinobacteria Phylum

- Philo Aquificae

- Armatimonadetes Phylum

- Phylum Bacteroidetes

- Caldiserica Phylum

- Philo Chlamydiae

- Chlorobi Phylum

- Chloroflexi Phylum

- Chrysiogenetes Phylum

- Cyanobacteria Phylum

- Phylum Deferribacteres

- Deinococcus-thermus Phylum

- Phylum Dictyoglomi

- Elusimicrobia Phylum

- Fibrobacteres Phylum

- Firmicutes Phylum

- Fusobacteria Phylum

- Gemmatimonadetes Phylum

- Phylum Lentisphaerae

- Nitrospira Phylum

- Planctomycetes Phylum

- Proteobacteria Phylum

- Spirochaetae Phylum

- Philo Synergistetes

- Tenericutes Phylum

- Thermodesulfobacteria Phylum

- Thermotogae Phylum

- Phylum Verrucomicrobia

Biological Curiosities:

- The bacterium Clostridium tetani, causer of tetanus, belongs to the phylum Firmicutes.

- The bacterium Treponema pallidum, which causes syphilis, belongs to the phylum Spirochaetae.

- The bacterium Vibrio cholerae, which causes the disease known as cholera, belongs to the phylum Proteobacteria.