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Lion: The King of Jungles Key Lion Information and Characteristics: - The lion is a large feline mammal. “We can find lions, mostly in the African savannas. There are also, albeit in small quantities, some lions living in northwestern India. - The male lion has mane and is hairy, while the female has less hair.
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Pollution Books

Bibliographic indication for the study on Pollution Bibliography (book indication on environmental pollution): Pollution Has a Solution Author: Domenico, Guca Publisher: Nova Alexandria Pollution - Our Environment Collection Author: Dcl Publisher: DCL Cultural Diffusion Surface Water Pollution & Responsibility Civil Author: Pellacani, Christhian Rodrigo Publisher: Jurua Civil Liability Due to Domestic Solid Waste Pollution Author: Arruda, Paula Tonani Publisher's Materials: Air Pollution Method - Controversial Collection - 2nd Edition Author: Branco, Samuel Murgel Publisher: Moderna Marine Pollution Author: Santos, Valdir Andrade Publisher: Lumen Juris Marine Pollution Author: Wallner-kersanach, Mônica; Patchineelam, Soraya Maia; Baptista Neto, José Antônio Publisher: Interciencia Marine Pollution and International Legal Protection Author: Scalassara, Lecir Maria Publisher: Jurua Introduction to the Problems of Environmental Pollution Author: Fellenberg, Gunter Publisher: EPU The Impacts of Pollution Author: Rubio, Paulo Silas; Covre, Mauritius; Corazzine, Roseli Publisher: Brazil Air Pollution Author: Gomes, João Publisher: Vocational Education Pollution Prevention and Control in the Energy, Industrial and Transport Sectors Author: Lora, Electo Eduardo Silva Publisher: Internciência Química e Sociedade - Particle Models and Air Pollution - Module 2 Author: New Generation Publisher: New Generation
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